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Houston man charged with DWI in crash that injured two officers

On Behalf of | May 27, 2022 | Drunk Driving |

The flashing lights on top of Houston police vehicles are intended to warn others of the police vehicle’s presence. They also act as a warning to slow down or to stop. Drivers who ignore these warnings can face serious criminal charges if a collision results. Such a collision occurred in Southwest Houston when a man was later charged with DWI failed to heed the flashing lights on a police vehicle and wreckers.

The Incident

According to police reports, two officers responded to reports of a stalled vehicle on U.S. 59 near Gessner Road. A Ram 1500 pickup truck reportedly ran out of gas and was stalled on the right shoulder.

The officers stopped to assist the driver, and they called for two wreckers to help clear the road. Just after the wreckers arrived, a Ford Focus slammed into the left rear quarter of a squad car. Two officers were sitting in the vehicle, and both were injured by the impact. They were taken to Memorial Hermann in the Texas Medical Center, where one of them was diagnosed as having suffered a concussion.

The driver of the Ford Focus was arrested and evaluated for driving under the influence of alcohol. He was then charged with DWI and arrested.


The defendant in this case faces serious penalties if he is convicted of the charge filed against him. A conviction could mean incarceration, a significant fine, and temporary or permanent loss of driving privileges. Anyone facing similar charges may benefit from consulting an experienced DWI defense attorney for an evaluation of the evidence, an opinion about a potential outcome, and, if appropriate, assistance in negotiating an acceptable plea agreement with the prosecution.