Providing Experienced Criminal Defense

Criminal Defense Strategy

To be a good criminal defense lawyer, you have to know how to perform in trial. You have to know how to evaluate a case, and find the strengths and weaknesses of every case. The only way to do this is through experience. I have handled and tried the most serious of cases, including capital murders all the way through Class C misdemeanors. Every fact must be analyzed and every element of the law must be evaluated.

Being a good trial lawyer is only part of becoming a good criminal defense lawyer. To become a complete criminal defense attorney, you have to handle and write appeals or the post-conviction process. By handling appeals, a criminal defense lawyer learns how to protect an individual’s right to a fair trial, both at the trial court and for appellate review. Every person is guaranteed a fair trial under the United States and Texas Constitutions. Unfortunately, not all trials are fair trials under the law. Only someone with my experience as both a trial lawyer and an appellate lawyer can ensure that the trial is as fair as possible. And if the trial is not fair, then properly preserve the errors by the prosecution and/or trial court for appellate review.

The most serious case is the one with which you are charged. No matter if it is a low grade misdemeanor or serious felony, your case is the most important case to you. I realize how devastating the mere accusation of criminal wrongdoing, any crime, can be to a person and his/her family. You need someone with my experience, knowledge, and dedication to stand by you and diligently work for the best result for you.