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Federal Drug Crime Defense Attorney Serving Galveston County And Houston

The rules and procedures of federal court are vastly different from those of the state system. If you have been charged with a federal drug crime, it is important to consult with a defense attorney who is experienced in the federal criminal justice system.

At Joel H. Bennett, defense attorney Joel H. Bennett handles federal drug crime cases for clients in Galveston, League City and throughout the Houston area. He has been handling complex federal criminal defense matters since entering into private practice and is prepared to protect your rights and your future.

Federal Drug Crime Defense

Federal agencies such as the FBI and DEA have virtually unlimited resources to devote to drug crime investigations. In the federal arena, an arrest often comes after an extensive investigation has already taken place. Federal sentencing guidelines are harsh. Judges have little leniency in imposing sentences, so there is little room for bargaining.

The complexity and high stakes of federal drug crime cases call for experienced legal counsel. Joel H. Bennett is well-versed in federal sentencing guidelines and the rules and procedures of federal court. He has experience representing clients charged with federal drug trafficking, distribution, conspiracy and other drug-related crimes.

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