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“For a court appointed attorney, I expected less of a fight from him. Joel did an amazing job getting my charge dismissed and dropped. Thanks for hearing my story and helping me beat this! You’re awesome!”

–Nikki Schuetz

“Joel is an incredible attorney. With his hard work and persistence, the case against me was dismissed. Joel was always available to meet with me to discuss my case which I took advantage multiple times. When I needed to speak with Joel by phone, he either answered my call or called me back on the same day. I could not have asked for better service and care. I very highly recommend Joel for any and all criminal cases.”

–Joan Gilmer

“Highly recommend Mr. Bennett had a criminal issue from over 10 years ago I had no idea I had pending. I’ve lived in Washington state for years now and it popped up. Didn’t qualify for a program I needed to be in until this matter was cleared up. Mr. Bennett handled it quick without me having to fly there to appear in from of a judge. Mr. Bennett has saved me a ton of money and time. Thank you for the dismissal Mr. Bennett.”

–Chris Winters

“Great lawyer I highly recommend this attorney works hard for his clients great communication always keeps you informed. Never stops working always putting the client first.”

–Samuel freeman

“Mr. Joel Bennett is a very great attorney and he was a blessing in my boyfriends case especially as his court appointed attorney when we couldnt afford one. He is a very talented attorney and I would choose him any time without a doubt. Thanks Mr.Bennett for everything you’ve done for us.”

–Kenisha Williams

“I just wanted to say that joel Bennett is the best attorney that I could have asked for. For being court appointed and unlike most court appointed attorneys who don’t care about your case they just want you to sign and get a quick check, he not once,not twice, but three times came and visit me to talk about my case, options, etc… furthermore, I was only there for misdemeanors not felonies which was a shock to me because court appointed attorneys rarely see their clients before their court dates not to mention meet their clients and talk about their case, and they reset you leaving you in limbo and stressing and worrying. Lol, he did not do none of those tho hints and I was misdemeanors and one of the charges could have been in hanced to felony while he kept the da in check and kept it a misdemeanor. One last note, I loved how he was directing my case to the letter t! Saying we could go to trial and win for self defense and the other charge was a conditional threat not gaurnteed. I never heard or met a attorney who is so gifted,intelligent, and cared about his clients like him! Oh even after I was out and did his duty Galveston County made a error on my case stating I still had a warrant, instead of saying I’m not going to help unless you pay me, he went out of his way on his busy schedule to verify it got cleared. I highly recommend him to whoever is facing jail time and if he did all this for me on a misdemeanor I am sure he brings his A game on felony charges. God forbid but if I am ever in trouble again I will sell everything I own to hire him. Prosecutors fear him and other defense attorneys invy him.”

–Clint Ocallaghan

“Joel Bennett is absolutely amazing!! When I first found out Mr. Bennett was assigned to my son’s case I immediately called the number I found on my paperwork, I thought it was pretty unique I was able to call his personal cell phone. I left Mr. Bennett a voicemail and not even an hour later he was returning my call. Anytime I would call or text Mr. Bennett he was always quick to respond back. I must say, I was extremely impressed with Mr. Bennett professionalism and never once did I feel lost or confused on what the next step would be during this stressful situation. Thank you Joel Bennett for your time and effort on my son’s case.”


“This was my first ever criminal case and a very scary situation for me. Attorney Bennett eased my nervousness with his extensive knowledge and professionalism. My case was dismissed and I could not be happier. If you have a legal issue, he is the one to call!”


“Joel thank you again for all of your hard work, the many hours of your time spent on my case, and for making me feel like I wasn’t just another case on your desk but rather as an important client and person. You kicked ass!!!!”


“Mr. Joel Bennett
Thanks so much for all the work you’ve done with my case. I didn’t really know what to expect from a lawyer since this was my first case. From what I’ve heard from other people, their lawyers were not looking out for the best interest, in a rush to get the case over with, and there was a lack of communication between lawyer and client. I’m very pleased to say you were the complete opposite! You definitely looked out for my best interest and no matter what the prosecutor tried, you had a plan against it. In the end my case was dismissed because of your integrity, persistence, and thorough knowledge of the law. You kept an open communication throughout the entire process and had no problems with face to face meetings. You took the time to even explain the law process and things I didn’t understand. Even after my case was dismissed and the assistant DA did not want to return my property, you fought on my behalf and I was able to obtain my property as well. I cannot stress enough how thankful I am that I chose you as my attorney. Thank you again for that all you have done! Sincerely.”


“The professional and personal assistance that I received from Joel Bennett was truly amazing! Being a Young woman who has never been in trouble before Mr.Bennett took time with my case and assured me that everything would be ok! I highly recommend Me. Joel Bennett for any of your legal troubles!”

-A. C.

“Joel Bennett is a caring lawyer. He is dedicated, respected, and hard working. He is knowledgeable, and responsive.He has a love for legal knowledge that shows through in his representation of his clients. He will most definitely go above any expectations. He provided answers for me in a timely matter every time I had a question. I highly recommend Mr. Bennett.”


“Mr. Joel Bennett provided above and beyond our expected legal representation to our daughter. He met beyond measure our expectations of representing her case. He represented her with great legal knowledge, dedication and what I know must have been a great deal of hard work. His efforts to assure her rights for representation in a criminal matter were upheld has restored my faith in our justice system and those that represent it.”

-A. & K. D.