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Under Texas law, burglary is defined as trespassing on another person’s property with the intent to commit a crime. If you have been charged with burglary in Texas, you could face a broad range of criminal penalties, including a lengthy prison sentence.

At Joel H Bennett, defense lawyer Joel H. Bennett handles burglary cases for clients in Galveston, League City and throughout the Houston area. He is a former prosecutor with more than 27 years of experience defending clients against burglary and other criminal charges.

Burglary Defense Strategies

A person does not have to have stolen anything to be convicted of burglary. The prosecution need only prove that the defendant trespassed on property with the intent of committing theft or another crime such as assault. Burglary can also be charged when a person hides on a property with the intention of committing a crime later.

There are a number of effective defense strategies a skilled lawyer can use on your behalf. Burglary defense strategies include arguing that:

  • You lacked criminal intent.
  • You were authorized to be on the premises.
  • You mistakenly entered the premises.

Every case is unique. Joel H Bennett will devise a legal strategy uniquely suited to the facts of your case. He will work with you personally throughout the process to help you understand your rights and options.

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